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Sat Feb 24 09:16:58 2018

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TitleDorward Online (view sites with similar title)
Description Skip to main content Skip to sidebar Home Blog About Articles Software Photos Contact Shop (beta) Dorward Online The personal website of David Dorward Thursday 8 March 2012 Be careful what you wish for, your GM might just give you it Entry created on...
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Twitter @dorward
A hat wearing, board game playing, Kent based, software engineer who works mostly with JavaScript these days.
RT @tapbot_paul: “Please change your eBay password ASAP. We’ve made the process super easy just navigate 4 different confusing menu trees!”

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Dorward Online. Skip to main content. Skip to sidebar. Home. Blog. About. Articles Software.
Photos. Contact. Shop (beta) Dorward Online. The personal website of David Dorward. Thursday 8 March 2012.
Be careful what you wish for, your GM might just give you it. Entry created on Thursday 8 March 2012 at 13:29:14.
I was running a Fantasy Craft game recently, but had been handling combat in a freeform fashion rather then worrying about the grid. (This is a technique I’m becoming quite fond of so I tend to save the grid for the more tactically interesting encounters).
One of my players does like his miniatures though and was lining up a collection of them as the session started out … I threatened to use all of them if he wasn’t careful.
When it came time for the climatic battle, I decided that it was quite a good idea after all. The expression on his face when he encountered a dozen opposition was priceless.
To be fair there wouldn’t have been so many of them if there hadn’t been a critical ...

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