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TitleFree, Unbiased, Independent advice - Money Advice Service (view sites with similar title)
Description The Money Advice Service helps you manage your money better. Use our Health Check tool, calculators and comparison tables to make the most of your finances
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Free, Unbiased, Independent advice - Money Advice Service.We use cookies to ensure that you get the best possible service from our website. By clicking any link on this page you are agreeing to their use. However, if you would like to, you can use our cookie guide to disable them at any time.
Skip navigation. Cymraeg.FREE UNBIASED INDEPENDENT. My Money Advice. Sign in Sign up.
Life events. Setting up home. Setting up home.Deciding whether to rent or buy, working out what you can afford and managing.
money when sharing with others. Renting for the first time. Renting for the first time.How much rent can you afford, legal and financial responsibilities, budgeting.
and sharing costs. Buying for the first time. Buying for the first time.What will it cost and how much can you afford? Understanding and choosing a.
mortgage and help for first-time buyers. Having a baby. Having a baby.All things money-related - from bump to birth and beyond.
Before the birth. Before the birth.Sorting out your money ...

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  1. cookie guide
  2. Cymraeg
  3. Money Advice Service
  4. Sign in
  5. Sign up
  6. Life events
  7. Setting up home
  8. Renting for the first time
  9. Buying for the first time
  10. Having a baby
  11. Before the birth
  12. Budgeting for a family
  13. New parents - don't split up over money
  14. Maternity paternity or adoption pay and leave
  15. Benefits and entitlements for families
  16. Childcare
  17. Returning to work or study
  18. Saving for your child's future
  19. Planning to protect your family
  20. Money worries
  21. Losing your job
  22. Redundancy - be prepared
  23. Your redundancy rights
  24. Redundancy payments
  25. Benefits and entitlements if you lose your job
  26. Budgeting when out of work
  27. Managing debt when out of work
  28. Voluntary redundancy and early retirement
  29. Help with finding a job
  30. Divorce and separation
  31. Thinking about splitting up
  32. Divorce settlements
  33. Settlements for unmarried couples
  34. Changes that can affect your settlement
  35. Children when you divorce or separate
  36. Living arrangements after a divorce
  37. Living arrangements when an unmarried couple splits
  38. Dividing things up after a divorce
  39. Dividing things up when an unmarried couple splits
  40. Retirement
  41. Long-term care
  42. Funding your long-term care
  43. Local authority funding
  44. Direct payments
  45. Self funding long-term care
  46. Choosing the right care services
  47. Problems with your care
  48. Money advice for carers
  49. When someone dies
  50. The first few days after a death
  51. Dealing with someone's estate
  52. Managing money after your partner dies
  53. Planning ahead after a bereavement
  54. Leaving school or college
  55. Managing your money
  56. Managing your money better
  57. Budgeting and taking control
  58. Start saving
  59. Low income survival tips
  60. Should you borrow or save or repay
  61. How to review or reduce borrowing
  62. Money saving tips
  63. Save on utilities and phone bills
  64. Shop smartly and save
  65. More ways to save money
  66. Universal Credit and other benefits
  67. Work and money
  68. Pay and benefits
  69. Pensions in the workplace
  70. Maternity and paternity rights
  71. Working for yourself
  72. Bank accounts and credit or debit cards
  73. Choosing the right account
  74. Managing your bank account
  75. Travel money or sending money overseas
  76. Lost accounts
  77. Credit and debit cards
  78. Scams and identity theft
  79. Money complaints and compensation
  80. Financial help and advice
  81. Poor health - managing money
  82. Managing money in ill health
  83. Sorting out money if you're dying
  84. Help someone else with money
  85. Helping others manage money
  86. Power of attorney and ongoing help
  87. Problems when helping others with money
  88. Wills and estate planning
  89. Why you need a will
  90. Making or changing a will
  91. Planning your estate
  92. Money topics
  93. Saving and investing
  94. Planning your savings
  95. Planning your investments
  96. Put your investment plans into practice
  97. Choosing where to put your money
  98. Cash savings options
  99. Types of investment
  100. Stocks shares ISAs and other popular investments
  101. Endowments and other life insurance investments
  102. Property investments
  103. Alternative investments
  104. Children and saving
  105. Reviewing your savings and investments
  106. Savings and investments to avoid
  107. If things go wrong
  108. Borrowing money
  109. Before you borrow money
  110. Applying for credit
  111. Types of borrowing or credit
  112. Overdrafts and personal loans
  113. Credit cards and store cards
  114. Buy now pay later
  115. Social Fund and Credit Union loans
  116. Last resort borrowing
  117. Staying on top of your borrowing
  118. Problems with borrowing
  119. Managing debt
  120. Rearranging debts to cut costs
  121. Your credit rating
  122. If you've been refused credit
  123. Help if struggling with debt
  124. Late payment letters and notices
  125. Dealing with debt disputes
  126. Options for writing off debt
  127. Homes and mortgages
  128. Mortgages and buying property
  129. Buying property - what can you afford?
  130. Understanding mortgages
  131. Choosing the right mortgage
  132. Affordable housing schemes
  133. Legal aspects of owning property
  134. Reviewing or moving your mortgage
  135. Mortgage problems or arrears
  136. Mortgage mis-selling
  137. Renting a property
  138. Letting out your property
  139. Insurance
  140. New to insurance
  141. Home insurance
  142. Car insurance
  143. Travel insurance
  144. Protecting your family or dependants
  145. Protecting your income or borrowing
  146. Making an insurance claim
  147. Pet insurance
  148. Pensions and retirement
  149. Saving into a pension for the first time
  150. Review the health of your pension savings
  151. Approaching retirement
  152. Managing your finances in retirement
  153. Automatic enrolment
  154. Choosing a pension
  155. Taking income from your pension
  156. More about pensions and retirement
  157. Types of pension
  158. Pensions and tax
  159. Transferring between pension schemes
  160. Using your home to generate retirement income
  161. Benefits and tax in retirement
  162. Events that may affect your pension
  163. Getting help with pensions
  164. Tools resources
  165. Calculators
  166. Comparison tables
  167. Letter templates
  168. Order forms
  169. Free printed guides
  170. Videos
  171. Health check
  172. Budget planner
  173. Workplace pension advice tool
  174. News
  175. Start now >
  176. Smarter shopping – tips and tricks to save money Article: Save money by shopping around, using vouchers, coupons and cashback to get the best deals

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