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TitleNHS Choices - Your health, your choices
Category: Health / Education / Patient Education
Regional / Europe / United Kingdom / Health / National Health Service
Description Information from the National Health Service on conditions, treatments, local services and healthy living.
KeywordsNational Health Service (NHS),
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Nhs - Site Review: NHS Choices - Information on conditions, treatments, local services and healthy living. NHS Choices - Information on conditions, treatments, local services and healthy living.

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NHS Choices - Your health, your choices. Skip to main content. Skip to main navigation. Help with accessibility.
Home. About. Contact. Tools. Video. Choose and Book. Communities. IPS. Translate.
Log in or. create an account. Your health, your choices. Information navigation. Search entire site.
Enter a search term: Main navigation. Health A-Z Hundreds of conditions explained Arthritis information Asthma information Back pain information Stress, anxiety, depression information Breast cancer information Pregnancy and baby information Diabetes information Eczema information Heart disease information Measles information Flu information Whooping cough information Online clinics information Common health questions Symptom checkers Medicines A-Z All A-Z topics Live Well Over 100 topics on healthy living Alcohol articles Couch to 5K articles Fitness articles The flu jab articles Healthy eating articles Lose weight articles Mental health articles Sexual health articles Stop smoking articles Winter ...

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  1. Help with accessibility
  2. Home
  3. About
  4. Contact
  5. Tools
  6. Video
  7. Choose and Book
  8. Communities
  9. IPS
  10. Translate
  11. Log in
  12. create an account
  13. Health A-Z
  14. Arthritis information
  15. Asthma information
  16. Back pain information
  17. Stress, anxiety, depression information
  18. Breast cancer information
  19. Pregnancy and baby information
  20. Diabetes information
  21. Eczema information
  22. Heart disease information
  23. Measles information
  24. Flu information
  25. Whooping cough information
  26. Online clinics information
  27. Common health questions
  28. Symptom checkers
  29. Medicines A-Z
  30. All A-Z topics
  31. Live Well
  32. Alcohol articles
  33. Couch to 5K articles
  34. Fitness articles
  35. The flu jab articles
  36. Healthy eating articles
  37. Lose weight articles
  38. Mental health articles
  39. Sexual health articles
  40. Stop smoking articles
  41. Winter health articles
  42. Tiredness articles
  43. Vaccinations articles
  44. All Live Well topics
  45. Carers Direct
  46. Guide to caring
  47. Money and legal
  48. Work and learning
  49. Your own wellbeing
  50. Carers' benefits
  51. Carers' assessments
  52. Carers' rights
  53. Care homes
  54. Breaks from caring
  55. Young carers
  56. Caring with confidence
  57. Health news
  58. Diet and nutrition news reports
  59. Obesity and weight loss news reports
  60. Neurology and dementia news reports
  61. Lifestyle and environment news reports
  62. Pregnancy and children news reports
  63. Cancer news reports
  64. Drugs and vaccines news reports
  65. Heart and lungs news reports
  66. Medical practice news reports
  67. Older people and ageing news reports
  68. Genetics and stem cells news reports
  69. Mental health news reports
  70. Diabetes news reports
  71. Topical questions and answers
  72. Special reports
  73. All Behind the Headlines news
  74. Health services near you
  75. Learn about patient choice now
  76. AE search
  77. Hospitals search
  78. GPs search
  79. Dentists search
  80. Pharmacies search
  81. Maternity search
  82. Alcohol search
  83. Consultants search
  84. Opticians search
  85. Sexual health search
  86. Stop smoking
  87. Urgent care services
  88. All directories
  89. leave feedback
  90. Customise this page
  91. Want to lose weight?
  92. Cold weather warning
  93. Winter health
  94. Five ways to stay healthy this winter
  95. Strength and Flex
  96. homepage preferences
  97. Hip replacement
  98. Breast cancer
  99. Self-harm
  100. Diabetes
  101. Norovirus
  102. Depression
  103. Back pain
  104. Bowel cancer
  105. Chickenpox
  106. Measles
  107. Symptom checkers
  108. Medicines information
  109. Secondhand smoke linked to dementia
  110. Wrong fat in pregnancy diet 'may make kids fatter'
  111. New strain blamed for record norovirus outbreak
  112. Breast cancer drug studies 'subject to spin'
  113. Jabs 'more upsetting' for babies of first-time mums
  114. Claims ginseng is 'new Viagra' just don’t stand up
  115. Is children's asthma made worse by inhalers?
  116. Pollen in pregnancy could be linked to infant asthma
  117. Do epilepsy and migraine share a genetic link?
  118. Fatness in older women 'may not be their fault'
  119. Mum's tests 'affects HPV jab uptake'
  120. Pill-sized scanner images gullet
  121. 17 hospitals 'not safely staffed'
  122. Cancer claims 'bucket list' teen
  123. Decriminalise drugs, peers say
  124. New York declares flu emergency
  125. Decades of Savile abuse revealed
  126. Disabled group urges benefit rethink
  127. Post-obesity surgery baby warning
  128. Lung infection breath test discovery
  129. All BBC health stories

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