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TitleOfwat :: Ofwat home page (view sites with similar title)
Description Water today, water tomorrow Ofwat would like to place cookies on your computer to help us make this website better. To find out more about the cookies, please see our privacy statement . You must tick the 'I accept cookies from this site' box to accept....
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Ofwat :: Ofwat home page. Water today, water tomorrow. Ofwat would like to place cookies on your computer to help us make this website better. To find out more about the cookies, please see our privacy statement .
You must tick the 'I accept cookies from this site' box to accept. I accept cookies from this site.
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Consultations. Jobs. Cymraeg. Contact us. About Ofwat. What we do. Our standards of behaviour.
The sectors we regulate. Our approach to regulation. Our duties. More about our work. Our standards of performance.
Who we are. Organisation. Board minutes of ...

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  1. Ofwat
  2. privacy statement
  3. What's new
  4. Site map
  5. Search
  6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  7. Help
  8. Complaints procedure
  9. Feedback form
  10. Access key details
  11. Accessibility
  12. Publications
  13. Media centre
  14. Future challenges
  15. High level group
  16. Consultations
  17. Jobs
  18. Cymraeg
  19. Contact us
  20. About Ofwat
  21. What we do
  22. Our standards of behaviour
  23. The sectors we regulate
  24. Our approach to regulation
  25. Our duties
  26. More about our work
  27. Our standards of performance
  28. Who we are
  29. Organisation
  30. Board minutes of meetings
  31. Rules of procedure
  32. How we are funded
  33. Who we work with
  34. Memorandums of understanding
  35. Stakeholders
  36. Joint Regulators Group
  37. Jobs
  38. Current vacancies
  39. About Birmingham
  40. Procurement
  41. Our procurement processes
  42. Finding out about new contracts
  43. Current opportunities
  44. Procurement links
  45. Ofwat reports
  46. Annual reports
  47. Resource accounts
  48. Access to information
  49. How to request information
  50. Charges and fees
  51. The differences between EIRs and FOI
  52. Problems with information
  53. Our information resources
  54. Internal review of decisions
  55. Contact us
  56. Household consumers
  57. Your water bill
  58. Household charges: recent publications
  59. How household customers are charged
  60. Changes in household bills
  61. Metered charges
  62. Unmetered charges
  63. Assessed charges
  64. Paying your bill
  65. If your water company hasn't billed you
  66. Water Direct
  67. WaterSure (vulnerable groups scheme)
  68. Payment options
  69. If you do not pay your bill
  70. Extra care services
  71. Help for customers needing special assistance
  72. WaterSure (vulnerable groups scheme)
  73. Charitable trusts and restart schemes
  74. Supply and standards
  75. Pipes on private land
  76. Getting a water connection
  77. Responsibility for water and sewerage pipes
  78. Sewers
  79. Water pressure
  80. Leakage
  81. Supply interruptions
  82. Plumbing
  83. Special assistance
  84. Standards of service
  85. Your point of view
  86. Water resale
  87. Maximum resale price
  88. Calculating water resale prices
  89. What should I do if I think I am being charged too much?
  90. Enforcing the maximum resale price
  91. Your water company
  92. Water company contact details
  93. Water company profits and dividends
  94. Surface water drainage
  95. Surface water drainage and highways drainage charges
  96. Surface water drainage rebates
  97. Conserving water
  98. Water saving tips
  99. Help for you to save water
  100. Your water supply and drought
  101. Metering
  102. Why switch to a water meter?
  103. Meter reading
  104. Meter installation
  105. What if a meter can't be installed?
  106. Metered charges
  107. Useful contacts
  108. Complaints
  109. Standards of service
  110. Complaints that we handle
  111. Determinations
  112. Unhappy with our service?
  113. Who else handles complaints?
  114. Non-household consumers
  115. Your water bill
  116. How non-household customers are charged
  117. Changes to non-household bills
  118. Regulating large users charges
  119. Exemptions from charges
  120. Controlling your bill
  121. Supply and standards
  122. Getting a water connection
  123. Responsibility for water and sewerage pipes
  124. Public and private sewers
  125. Water pressure
  126. Leakage
  127. Supply interruptions
  128. Plumbing
  129. Standards of service
  130. Work on private land
  131. Surface water drainage and highways drainage
  132. Charging for surface water drainage by site area
  133. Reducing your surface water drainage bill
  134. Some facts about surface water drainage
  135. Exemptions from charges
  136. Your water company
  137. Water company profits and dividends
  138. Water companies' contact details
  139. Information for developers
  140. Self-lay process
  141. Accreditation
  142. Reselling water
  143. Maximum price for reselling
  144. Calculating water resale prices
  145. Choosing your supplier
  146. Choosing a water supply licensee
  147. Choosing a new appointee
  148. Complaints
  149. Nonhousehold consumers
  150. Regulating the Industry
  151. Industry overview
  152. Compliance requirements
  153. Reporting performance
  154. Water company licences
  155. Monitoring and casework
  156. Monopoly performance
  157. Regulatory tools
  158. Auditors
  159. Consumer policy
  160. Service incentive mechanism
  161. Charges
  162. Accounting separation
  163. Price Review
  164. Setting price limits
  165. Interim determinations
  166. Tariff basket
  167. Substantial effect determinations
  168. Impact of price limits
  169. Price review 2014
  170. Key milestones
  171. Customer engagement
  172. Wholesale
  173. Retail
  174. Price review 2009
  175. Price review 2004
  176. Price review 1999
  177. Price review 1994
  178. Markets
  179. Supplying water and sewerage
  180. Getting a new appointment
  181. Becoming a water supply licensee
  182. Negotiating with new entrants
  183. Monitoring competition
  184. Disputes
  185. Water supply licensing
  186. WSL publications
  187. Access codes
  188. Water supply licences
  189. New appointments and variations
  190. New appointments and variations sites
  191. Market reform
  192. Sustainability
  193. Climate change
  194. Water resources
  195. Companies' legal obligations
  196. Ofwat's role
  197. Long-term planning
  198. Leakage
  199. a
  200. Final determination of dispute under section 45(6A) of the Water Industry Act 1991: Mr Sahota v Veolia Water Central (formerly Three Valleys Water Plc)
  201. Final Determination of dispute under section 45(6A) of the Water Industry Act 1991: Mr Hird v Veolia Water Central
  202. IB 04/13 Ofwat varies the appointment of water and sewerage services supplier at additional land at Berryfields
  203. about the water and sewerage sectors
  204. guidance to companies on the services they should offer
  205. Setting price limits for 2015-20 framework and approach
  206. Responsibility for water and sewerage pipes
  207. Text only
  208. DirectGov Website
  209. © Crown Copyright

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