Uses of Social Media Monitoring on Various Social Media Platforms

It is no longer enough for you to focus on the time-consuming activity of only responding to online mentions about your brand and switching between various apps to ensure you stay on top of everything. Social media monitoring tools and strategies help you to track multiple platforms and gain in-depth insights quickly.


With over 2 billion daily users, Facebook is one of the most crucial platforms that businesses should continuously monitor. It contains sizable knowledge on your campaign tracking, audience demographics, and posts performances. Although more companies are shifting to other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook continues to be a social media marketing leader. It offers countless possibilities to aid your company’s success and transform marketing strategies.

Some of the powerful resources offered by Facebook include Facebook groups and powerful advertisement opportunities. If utilized well, it helps businesses develop, attract customers, market products and services, and offer consumers valuable information through product reviews. You can track your Facebook Key Performance Indexes (KPIs) like shares and impressions through social media monitoring.


Twitter helps businesses to understand their industry, audience, and competitors. It provides an efficient way of discovering meaningful discussions, new trends, see competitors’ performances and activities, and know the needs, preferences, and passions of your audience. You can only leverage the benefits offered by Twitter by closely monitoring your accounts, leveraging trends, using appropriate hashtags, and engaging your audience.

There are several social media monitoring tools, but before choosing one, make sure it will facilitate proper tracking of your twitter activities, hashtags’ effectiveness, and stay on top of your competitors’ strategies. Although tracking your company on Twitter will not help you anticipate a crisis, it will help with crisis management. NetbaseQuid analyzes all the data to determine the source of the problem and respond with the appropriate and targeted message.


The recruitment process can be a long and tedious process that involves complex processes like sorting and narrowing down multiple applications, interviews, and choosing the best candidates. However, LinkedIn monitoring can help simplify the whole process, help you find the ideal job seekers to fill the vacancies, and enable you to contact them directly.

By looking through candidates’ profiles and checking previous employers’ sentiments, you can learn a lot about the candidates, putting you in a better position to make the right decision. It also offers information on your future employees’ certifications and skills. LinkedIn also helps you find out how influential your brand is, track your reach and impressions, and your followers’ demographic composition and tailor your content to suit their interests.


Businesses or marketers need to keep tabs of the performance of their Pinterest marketing efforts because it helps you to know your account’s growth rate, engagement levels, and the type of content that the audient responds to best. The information will help you gauge the performance of your strategies. Through social media monitoring, you can identify the number of clicks on your website, impressions, repins, and the ideal time and days to post content.


Due to the recent rise in Instagram’s popularity, businesses should keenly perform social media monitoring to find out the performance of their marketing campaigns, leverage the platform’s rising usage, and make better decisions. Instagram monitoring helps you track competitors’ activities, identify potential influencers, partnerships, and customers, uncover industry happenings and trends, and identify your brand’s sentiments and health.

Considering that consumers spend over 40% on brands that take time to engage and interact with them on social media, companies require the best social media monitoring tools to cater to their customers’ needs. Such a tool will help you maximize the value of your campaigns and maintain an excellent brand image.